Why Extra-Curricular Activities?

Extra-Curricular opportunities are hugely important to us at Glebe Farm School!

Extra-curricular activities take place outside normal school lessons. It has been shown that students who regularly participate in extra-curricular activities improve attainment in the subjects they study at Key Stage 3 and KS4. Participation in an extra-curricular activity also has a positive influence on improved attitude to learning and impacts on attendance at school. Students will gain the opportunity to try new activities, develop new interests, form new friendships, and further enhance skills that they have learnt as part of our curriculum.

How does it work?

  • An overview of the term’s clubs will be shared with parents/carers at the start of each term. This will give them the opportunity to sign up and give permission for their child to attend the clubs. 
  • All students attending after-school activities must have signed up and paid in advance via MCAS.
  • All after school extra-curricular provision will be supervised/led by a member of staff. Due to health and safety restrictions, it is not possible for students to remain in school unsupervised. All students remaining on-site beyond 3:30pm must be attending an after-school activity.
  • All clubs will finish at 4:30pm, students will then leave the school site via the main gate. 
  • Students commit to attending a club each week. They need to tell the club leader before the session if they are unable to attend.

 If you wish for your child to be removed from a club, could you please email  enquiries@glebefarmschool.co.uk.