Travel Plan

What is Active Travel?

Active travel to school is all about making your journey to school as active as possible, such as walking, running, scooting, or cycling!

The Benefits

  • It keeps us fit and healthy
  • It connects us with our local area and people in our community, unlike when you are in a car
  • It connects us to each other especially if we walk, cycle or scoot with our family and friends
  • It reduces the amount of air pollution we contribute towards
  • It reduces our exposure to air pollution
  • Improves concentration – studies have shown that students who are active are ready to learn and do better in their studies
  • Improves safety at the school gates
  • It’s cheaper to walk or cycle – as it saves on fuel.

How Will You Travel

  • Ride
  • Splash
  • Scoot
  • Walk

Got To Drive - Park & Stride

Some must drive but you can Park & Stride!

Wavendon Arms have offered their carpark to enable us to Park & Stride.

This is great, get some fresh air and exercise on the way to school.

Lift Share

See if we can drop the number of cars coming to school by lift sharing. Lift sharing can also Park & Stride.

Parents, please make sure you are happy who your child coming to school with, this is the parents responsibility.


Milton Keynes council offer an All in 1 MK Card, follow the link for more details

All in 1 MK Card (Junior Concessionary Travel Scheme) | Milton Keynes City Council (

Further Information

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