Curriculum Intent - We’re an ambitious school, with a strong sense of belonging and creativity at the heart. 

Glebe Farm School’s education philosophy incorporates three distinctive principles: 

  •   Ambition  
  •   Belonging
  •   Creativity

In every aspect of school life, ambition will be a key thread in raising aspirations and standards for all. Staff and students will celebrate their identities and experience a strong sense of belonging through extended opportunities for teamwork, sharing who they are, and understanding others through a diversified curriculum. Our aim is to open the eyes of our learners to the world beyond their immediate environment, enabling them to live happy, and healthy lives, with an inspired love for life-long learning.  

Glebe Farm students will be innovators and critical thinkers, regularly utilising their creativity both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is developed not only for the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but the acquisition of character too.

At Glebe Farm school we develop the characteristics of integrity, responsibility, endeavour, bravery and empathy in staff, students and young people. These core values permeate throughout our school and curriculum to produce good people that go on to live fulfilled lives. We aspire to grow and nurture articulate thinkers who have a genuine love of learning and create independent, energetic learners, who are able to think critically and overcome barriers. 

As the fastest growing city in the UK, we believe it is important that our students and young people understand how Milton Keynes has developed over time and where it sits now as a centre of innovation.

The ABC of our Curriculum

The ABC drivers of our curriculum, Ambition-Belonging-Creativity, firmly underpin all areas of school life and this ensures our curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children, their families and our developing community. 


 We are committed to providing excellence in education through a high-quality curriculum whilst encouraging the unique potential of each learner.

Our talented teaching and support staff team provide appropriate, bespoke support for each pupil such that they have the best possible platform for personal development, well-being, and high levels of academic achievement. 

We are committed to: 

  • early intervention strategies and programmes as and when required.  
  • a rigorous curriculum with a range of different opportunities to meet the needs of individual learner’s progress through the school 3-16  
  • inspiring our learners to respect cultural diversity and the environment.  
  • continuously refining a holistic educational experience that empowers our learners to become global citizens and lifelong learners. 
  • maximising the benefits of continuity and progression available within an all-through 2-16 educational environment, deriving added value from the greater longitudinal monitoring of 

pupils’ strengths and areas for development and the stronger professional relationships that develop within an all-through school.


 Glebe Farm School works hard to lay a strong and enduring foundation stone in each and every child’s life by engaging their enquiring minds in the value of community, ensuring that all children graduate as responsible, active citizens, driven in all that they do by a strong moral compass. 

 All learners in Glebe Farm School are encouraged to take part in activities which engage them as citizens and empower them to recognise both the value and their own potential of doing good and the resulting benefits from community cohesion. 


 At Glebe Farm School, we will encourage children to take risks and to think critically. We will equip children with the skills to present their work in an imaginative and creative way.  Our broad and balanced curriculum will provide children with the opportunities to think outside the box, have new experiences and express their ideas in an innovative way. We place a strong value on arts-based subjects and understand how they contribute significantly to both cultural capital and the wider development of our young learners. 

We are committed to ensuring that: 

  • Children gain memorable first hand experiences
  • Children are provided imaginative scenarios that provoke creative thinking.
  • Children are encouraged to engage in enterprise and independent projects.
  • Children get inspired by imaginative and creative opportunities.
  • Children have every opportunity to celebrate their achievements, showcase their work and relish in success. 
  • Children will have the opportunity to express themselves and develop the skills needed to do so.