Opening September 2022

Welcome to Glebe Farm School

Glebe Farm School is an exciting, brand new school being developed in the parish of Wavendon in the South East of Milton Keynes, scheduled to welcome its first pupils from September 2022.

A place of learning and engagement for pupils and the community, the provision of an innovative, excellent and broad education for 1530 pupils from ages 4 to 16 (with an additional 39 place nursery setting) is at the heart of the vision for Glebe Farm School.

Purpose of Consultation

Glebe Farm School is proposed to open in Burney Drive, Glebe Farm, Milton Keynes from September 2022.   Milton Keynes Council has previously consulted (2019) on the proposal to develop additional school places in the South East of Milton Keynes, aligning the need with the significant residential growth in the surrounding area.  In addition, consultation on the proposed building and site layout was a key part of the approval of planning permission for Glebe Farm School (2020). 

This consultation focuses on the Department for Education’s proposed contract with Glebe Farm School, funding the school places to be made available from September 2022.  This consultation is important and we are interested to hear from all stakeholders about our plans for the school. 

The consultation runs from Monday 24th May 2021 – Monday 5th July 2021 (6 weeks) and survey responses can be made by visiting our consultation survey page.

Vision & Ethos

Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL), a Multi-Academy Trust of 14 schools across Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, is privileged to have been selected through a free school presumption (competitive) process to open Glebe Farm School. 

IFtL’s vision across all its schools is:
‘to inspire the futures of us all through learning together’

reflecting our unwavering commitment to developing a family of schools who inspire all of our futures through learning.  Schools within our Trust share the same values and ethos; our teams are constantly in pursuit of development excellence everyday.  We open doors to opportunity and unlock the potential of both our children, our adults and our communities so that we all develop the confidence to achieve both our independent and collective ambitions.  At IFtL, we are never alone.  We know we are stronger together – one united family striving for excellence for all, in everything we do. 

Glebe Farm School will develop its own and unique character, shaped by ambition, respect, high expectations and reflective and inclusive of its whole community.  The school will work together with pupils, families, strategic partners, including St Mary’s Wavendon C of E Primary School and 5 Dimensions Multi Academy Trust, and the wider community to ensure that Glebe Farm School is at the heart of the area’s current and future success.

Curriculum & Learning

The broad and balanced curriculum at Glebe Farm School will be carefully planned to ensure inclusive, sequential and progressive learning for every child.  All our pupils will be:

  • Successful learners who have a passion for learning, make progress and achieve highly
  • Confident individuals who are equipped with the skills to successfully contribute to an ever changing world
  • Responsible and inclusive citizens who make a positive contribution to society
  • Ready for learning at each stage of their education and beyond
  • Accessing and embracing purposeful learning experiences throughout all areas of the curriculum
  • Engaged individuals who are persistent, persevere, creative and dynamic
Community Impact

Glebe Farm School will actively seek to be a positive, responsible and impactful part of its local, regional, national and global communities in all its activities.

Locally, the school site itself will offer many opportunities for individuals and local community groups to access high-quality facilities and spaces for activities throughout evenings and weekends. 

The school will host community events and is privileged to recognise its opportunity to contribute to the new and existing residential communities in the area. 

As part of the governance structure of IFtL, a key responsibility of the Governing Body of Glebe Farm School will be to continuously examine “the position of the school within its wider community and how the school contributes positively to this” reflecting its unceasing commitment to this.


As such, admissions will grow to its full capacity in line with school place requirements across the area and it is proposed that the school open in September 2022 for: 

  • Nursery 
  • Reception 
  • Year 1 
  • Year 2 
  • Year 7 

A draft Admissions criteria can be found here and places applied for through the Milton Keynes Council Admission Arrangements.  Glebe Farm School must have its agreed DfE funding contract in place to allow applications to be made for September 2022 admissions. 

School Building & Facilities

Click here to view the Proposed Site Layout



For Glebe Farm School to open, there will need to be a contract between the school and the Department for Education (DfE). This is called a Funding Agreement and is a standard document used by all academies which detail the key aspects of IFtL’s responsibilities and how the school will function. 

Responses to this consultation are considered as part of the DfE issuing and signing the Funding Agreement. 

A copy of the standard Model Funding Agreement is available to view here. This standard agreement would form the basis of a specific Funding Agreement issued to Glebe Farm School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glebe Farm School is proposed as an academy and part of a Multi-Academy Trust, what does that mean?

Academies are state-funded schools, receiving funding directly from the government to provide education.  They do not charge fees for education provision.  Academies have some additional areas of autonomy such as their curriculum and setting of own terms dates, however follow the same rule as all other state schools on admissions, special educational needs provision and exclusions, which are subject to inspections by Ofsted and their students sit the national examinations.

Multi-Academy Trusts are charities that have responsibility for running a number of academies.  They cannot, as charities, be run for financial profit and any surplus must be reinvested in the Trust.  By working in partnership with each other, the schools within a Trust can share best practice, expertise and resources, working together to deliver the best outcomes for all pupils within all schools.  There is shared accountability for standards across the Trust; all schools within support each other and the Trust is accountable for the success of them all.

What does it mean to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Department for Education?

When an academy trust enters into a Funding Agreement for each of its schools, they effectively enter into a contract between themselves and the Secretary of State for Education. This contract is how academies are held accountable to the Department for Education.

Will Glebe Farm School be inspected by Ofsted?

Yes. The school will be subject to inspection in the same way as other schools. All new schools are also inspected by Ofsted prior to the school opening and receive ongoing scrutiny from the Department for Education.

How will the school be held accountable?

The school will be overseen by a Local Governing Body who will be accountable to the Board of Trustees of IFtL. In addition, the school will be accountable to the Secretary of State for Education through the terms of its Funding Agreement. The school will, of course, be held responsible for providing a positive impact to pupils, parent/carers and the wider community.


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