At Glebe Farm School high expectations of learning, behaviour and respect for each other underpin everything we do. Our teachers strive to create independent, articulate thinkers and learners who have the confidence to achieve their ambitions. This drives us in our pursuit for excellence every day. 

At Glebe Farm School we want to help our learners to grow socially, personally and academically, fostering positive, respectful behaviours.

We believe that positive behaviours need to be carefully developed. We think that young children learn best when they are clear about what it is that they are supposed to do, and when they are constantly encouraged to do it.

 What do we mean by positive behaviours? 

 At Glebe Farm School we feel that positive behaviours mean that everyone in school is:  

  • Caring and kind 
  • Polite and friendly 
  • Helpful to each other 
  • Respectful and considerate  
  • Engaged and hardworking  
  • Going above and beyond what is expected of them to maximise learning potential, both in and out of classroom hours.  

We want to encourage this behaviour in every area of school life e.g. entering and leaving the school, in the cloakrooms, at lunchtimes, in the playground, at after school clubs, on school visits as well as during classroom hours.  

 Positive behaviour underpinned by our core values. We believe these values will help equip our learners to make better behaviour choices, ensuring a safe and happy learning environment where everyone feels valued. 


Glebe Farm School Core Values


To recognise student achievement value points are issued, when students achieve value point milestones they are issued with a bronze, silver, gold or Platinum badge to wear with pride on their school blazer. Any value points earnt are also added to the total of the House the student represents.

Whilst value points form the basis of our rewards system, we also recognise student achievement by issuing verbal praise, postcards, and letters home. At the end of each term, we have a celebration assembly where we issue badges and recognise individuals who have excelled in a specific subject area. 

Inappropriate Behaviour

At Glebe Farm School, we focus on showing integrity, responsibility, endeavour, and empathy towards others.  

Although we prefer to focus on positive re-enforcement there are inevitably times where students do not follow our rules and this must be challenged. We believe that all students have the right to learn, and all teachers must have the opportunity to teach without distraction.

Where a student’s behaviour doesn’t meet our expectations in the classroom they are given the opportunity to amend their behaviour using our 5-stage escalation approach.  All students will start afresh at the next lesson, unless their behaviour has reached a significant level. 

To further assist those students whose behaviour isn’t in line with our expectations, or they are not making the progress they are capable of we have a well-resourced student behaviour hub. Support is given to students by our pastoral team; a combination of Heads of Year, Assistant Heads of Year, Subject Teachers, Pastoral Support Assistants and Inclusion Support Assistants identify and work with those students to help them get back on track.

Inevitably we will need to apply consequences to students when appropriate, our graduated approach includes issuing behaviour points, detentions, and report cards. More serious consequences may result in long term behaviour support plans, suspension from school and in extreme circumstances exclusion. We endeavour to communicate effectively with Parents and Carers throughout this process.


At Glebe Farm School, we have high uniform standards. We expect our students to wear the uniform with pride and believe that uniform plays a key role in promoting a sense of belonging and identity within the Academy. Student wellbeing is of key importance, a student uniform removes the additional pressure students may feel if they must focus on what to wear, and if it will meet with the approval of their peers. Wearing uniform also prepares students for the workplace where in most circumstances they will be expected to wear specific clothing or will be required to adhere to a dress code.


At Glebe Farm School, we identify bullying as a range of abusive behaviour that is repeated and intended to hurt someone physically or emotionally.

We believe that no student should ever experience bullying. To prevent bullying, we educate students in Wellbeing lessons, Assemblies and in Crew Time about what bullying is. We look at the negative effects of bullying, what forms it takes, how to identify it, and how to challenge it.

When we are required to respond to a bullying incident our pastoral team works with the victim and perpetrator to prevent any further escalation.

Students, Parents and Carers may report bullying to any member of staff.

Our policies regarding behaviour, bullying and associated documents can be found on our Policies and Statutory Information page.

MK Schools Behaviour Charter

MK Behaviour Charter

We are proud to sign up to the MK Behaviour Charter. All secondary schools in Milton Keynes have signed up to the Charter, which demonstrates our belief that every child deserves the right to a good education.

To achieve these schools, parents and learners should all work together to best support the young people of Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes secondary schools believe that all learners deserve to feel safe and welcome in their school and be able to thrive in a disruption free learning environment. Schools and the professionals within them will not tolerate behaviour that goes against the aims of this Behaviour Charter and will deploy strategies to support and promote positive behaviours.