Glebe Farm School will actively seek to be a positive, responsible and impactful part of its local, regional, national and global communities in all its activities.

Locally, the school site itself will offer many opportunities for individuals and local community groups to access high-quality facilities and spaces for activities throughout evenings and weekends.

The school will host community events and is privileged to recognise its opportunity to contribute to the new and existing residential communities in the area.

As part of the governance structure of IFtL, a key responsibility of the Governing Body of Glebe Farm School will be to continuously examine “the position of the school within its wider community and how the school contributes positively to this” reflecting its unceasing commitment to this.

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Academies are state-funded schools, receiving funding directly from the government to provide education.  They do not charge fees for education provision.  Academies have some additional areas of autonomy such as their curriculum and setting of own terms dates, however follow the same rule as all other state schools on admissions, special educational needs provision and exclusions, which are subject to inspections by Ofsted and their students sit the national examinations.

Multi-Academy Trusts are charities that have responsibility for running a number of academies.  They cannot, as charities, be run for financial profit and any surplus must be reinvested in the Trust.  By working in partnership with each other, the schools within a Trust can share best practice, expertise and resources, working together to deliver the best outcomes for all pupils within all schools.  There is shared accountability for standards across the Trust; all schools within support each other and the Trust is accountable for the success of them all.